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Jennifer Aniston, Possibly Pregnant, Praises Kim Kardashian; Kate Gosselin?s Parenting Tips

And heres the good news for Jennifer Aniston: If that happens and she has multiple children, Kate Gosselin (plus her eight children but probably minus Jon Gosselin) will be eager to help. Kate, known for her love of publicity, has become active on Twitter, tweeting parenting tips and photos to her thousands of loyal fans. Number one tip for Jennifer Aniston from Kate Gosselin: Get some rest while you can. I am not embarrassed 2 admit that its Friday eve&Im 100% happy 2b able 2 just sit&rest aftr a long 1st wk of school&a crazy busy day! #AHH tweeted Kate recently. Number two tip for Jennifer Aniston from Kate Gosselin: Learn to bake.

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