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Kim Kardashian's Crazy Waist Training Regimen | Reality Tv Magazine

rsz_kim-kardashian-crazy-waist-training-regimen The latest in Kims arsenalof diet and fitness tools? A waist trainer which is supposed to melt an impressive seven inches off her waist. Based on the many bikini photos shes posted on Twitter , Kim Kardashian really doesnt need to lose more weight. But the reality star is convinced that shes not slim enough for the tiny bikinis she so adores, which is why she is putting a lot of time and effort into a hardcore fitness regimen. Apparently, however, even that is not enough to achieve the body Kim wants. Shes decided to pursue that dream hourglass figure with the help of a waist trainer. Kim shared a picture of her waist trainer the other day, using an excessive number of hashtags to explain, #hourglass #waisttraining #nophotoshopnecessary #whatawaist.com @premadonna87. According to promotions for Kims waist trainer, the device is supposed to take seven inches off the users waist. Whats more, it is said to permanently change the owners body shape if worn over a long period of time. Although shes the latest to show off her waist trainer, Kim is clearly not the only Kardashian using this device.

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