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Kim Kardashian Wants To Get Pregnant With Second Child After Wedding - Canada Reality Tv | Examiner.com

In Photos: Johnnyswim made a huge splash at Jazz Fest Friday Kim has worked hard to shed the baby weight from North, but she is ready to do it all over again to have a second baby. Kanye was on tour last fall, so the couple had plenty of adjustments to make. Plus, their new home may be ready closer to the birth of her second child, should she get pregnant after the honeymoon. Both Kim and Kanye want to have a sibling for North, and this is something that Kim has talked about for a while. But it is questionable whether Kanye wants to have a second child right now. Back in January, Kim sat down with Ellen DeGeneres, speaking about her new family. She revealed that she always wanted to have about six kids. But after meeting North, she says shed have about a million. And she would go through it all once again, even though her pregnancy was so horrible the first time around.

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