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Video: Warriors? Stephen Curry Nails Game-winner Over Celtics? Kris Humphries

larry-sanders-rail Curry came to the ball using a simple screen from David Kardashian Lee and proceeded to work one-on-one against Avery Bradley. After milking the clock for a few seconds, Curry used a screen from Lee to force a Boston defensive switch on the left wing, before dancing a bit as he sized up Kris Humphries. A quick left-to-right crossover created all the space Curry needed, and he stepped back into a long two that swished in. A potential game-winning three-pointer by Gerald Wallace was no good on the other end. Its been a tough week for Humphries, who got posterized by Clippers forward Blake Griffin on Wednesday. Curry finished visite site with 19 points (on 7-for-18 shooting), seven rebounds and four assists. Andre Iguodala scored a team-high 22 points (on 9-for-14 shooting) and added seven assists, five rebounds and three steals for Golden State. Jeff Green led all scorers with 24 points (on 11-for-17 shooting), and he added 11 rebounds and two assists for Kim K Boston. Jared Sullinger chipped in 21 points (on 9-for-16 shooting) and 11 rebounds off the bench for the Celtics.
Source http://nba.si.com/2014/01/11/stephen-curry-game-winner-warriors-celtics/

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