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Hollywood's Flood Of Biblical Epics

Farrah tape src='http://www.ultimaterollercoaster.com/thrillrides/thesimpsons/img/universal-studios-hollywood.jpg' width='200px' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> Also hoping to become a Bible blockbuster is Mary Mother of Christ, starring Odeya Rush, a 16-year-old Israeli-born actress. The story will show Mary and Joseph struggling to make a life for young baby Jesus under the oppressive regime of evil King Herod. Another Moses movie, God and Kings, will be directed by Oscar-winner Ang Lee, while Will Smith is said to be eyeing a movie version of the original rival siblings saga, Cain and Abel. Also rumoured to be in the works is a Pontius Pilate picture starring Brad Pitt in a movie called Resurrection in which a Roman soldier is sent to investigate the death of Jesus. Turning Bible stories into hit movies is one of the oldest Hollywood traditions with classics such as the Ten Commandments and Ben Hur wooing movie audiences of past decades. More recently, Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ was a huge box office success in 2004 thanks to http://myvacationgallery.com/groups/teen-mom-introducing-farrah-abraham-for-the-public/members/ the strong support of church groups. Faith-based movies have also been given a boost by the success of the cable TV miniseries The Bible. It averaged 11.4 million viewers on the History Channel earlier this year to become America's most watched cable show of 2013, thanks largely to support from churches around the country, where pastors screened excerpts and urged their followers to watch. Yet it's unclear if the new Hollywood versions of traditional Bible stories will enjoy the same level of church support.
Full story: http://www.military.com/off-duty/movies/2014/01/03/hollywoods-flood-of-biblical-epics.html

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