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Kardashian Christmas Cardashian Sends Good Tidings From Hell

Kardashian Christmas Cardashian Sends Good Tidings from Hell In a post on its website, the Kardashians' home network E! called the photo "stunning!" likely in the sense of "causing to be briefly rendered unconscious." E! also noted that the set was filled with things, "among many other things." Absent from the photo are Kim's fiance Kanye West, Khloe's husband Lamar Odom, and Kourtney's life partner Scott Disick, all of whom were busy with side projects (touring to promote his album, allegedly smoking crack, and sucking all the life out of a room, respectively) on the day of the shoot. Kardashian brother Rob, normally included for no reason other than politeness, was also excluded. Kim's daughter Nori was not featured in the shoot, though Kourtney's daughter Penelope was. Kourtney's son Mason was strewn haphazardly across what appears to be to learn more a discarded bus seat and photographed. Kardashian manufacturing plant Kris called the photo "very pop culture" in the midst of one of her episodes, which aired on E!
Full story: http://gawker.com/kardashian-christmas-cardashian-sends-good-tidings-from-1474823332/@caity

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